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    Why you should use concrete screw ?

    Why you should use concrete screw ?

    • In the past few years, have you used traditional expansion anchors for concrete fixing? But after installation, do you worry that the fastening effect cannot be guaranteed due to imperfect technology or the problem of the substrate? Or is the quality flaw of the expansion anchors, which causes the expansion to be inaccurate or fail? Or you want to install it on the edge of the wall, but you are afraid that the wall cracks caused by the expansion anchor will also affect the appearance.So choosing the right fasteners can help you prevent the above incidents.


    In the words of «Fastener Fixing»« Historically,companies have used wedge anchors for heavy-duty fixings.These are a very cost-effective solution as they are

    typically cheap to buy and good to use in crumbly substrates, however they are fairly complex to install.Not only do they require significant additional equipment including a drill, hammer and setting tool, they also require extra fixings to secure the brackets,such as bolts and washers.


    • Another issue is that many workers aren’t trained to correctly use and install them. We are regularly asked to carry out anchor pull tests and as a result, we are increasingly aware of the lack of training when installing wedge anchors as many either fail or underperform in the test. Wedge anchors must be set correctly to ensure they meet the load requirements, and if one anchor fails,the rest will follow and this could have catastrophic consequences. In such circumstances, it is the owner of the company that will be held liable rather than the operative. »— 26,April 2018According the above problems and the development progress of fastener technology the concrete screws have been gaining in popularity recently.

    « As a result, there is an increasing number of companies choosing to use concrete screw anchors as an alternative for heavy-duty loads. In fact, we have seen a year-on-year rise of 198% in concrete screw purchases as there are many benefits to using this alternative. »Below we will show you five reasons why you should choose concrete screw:

    • 1. Quick and Easy installationConcrete screws are one of the quickest and easiest methods of installation. They just need to drill and clean the hole then screwed into the concrete.There are a variety of  heads and drive styles.You can reduce the construction time by 3/4 compared to traditional installation methods and unlike other anchors you do not need additional steps or tools. This helps time-saving, budget reductions and improve efficiency.


    •  2. Flexible InstallationsConcrete screw is ideal for temporary anchors and is easy to removable fully unlike other expansion anchors in concrete,they also flexible for fixings to be placed close to edges or to each other. 


    • 3. Variety of Head Types

        Concrete screw anchors come available in different head types so that you can have a preference of design and finish when it comes to the needs of your  projects.Such as:hex head,flange , flat(countersunk),pan head, truss head…etc.


    • 4. Approvals

       Most concrete screws have obtained a series of approvals and certifications including ETA approvals, fire resistance ratings and seismic approvals, Joker’s concrete screw even have ETA part 6 approval for non-structural system.With third-party certification ensure even more safety on the project.


    • 5. Cheaper overall

         Based on the above advantages that the solution is more cost-effective,not only on labor-saving but also save budget.


    Workers deserve better — choose Joker’s concrete screw


    – Anchor moderate to heavy loads in cracked and non-cracked concrete

    – Railings and handrails, shelves, wooden beams, supports and braces, brackets, pipeline and cable routes, suspended ceilings and more


    – Non-expansion bolt that can be used close to the edge, without damage the surrounding substrate

    – Triple thread / Dented tip for easy drilling

    – ETA Option 1 Approval,non-structural system,anti-seismic and fire resistance

    – Use for dynamic loadings such as seismic, fatigue and shock

    – Use for indoor and outdoor, with corrosion-resistant coating for more than 1000h.

    – Once installed, they can be adjusted if required(completely removable), but only in accordance with the installation instructions in the ETA


    – Holding values of the screw will depend on the strength of the base material and embedment depth used for different thicknesses of fastener

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