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New fixing

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Joker new fixing which also well known as plasterboard fixing and drywall anchor. It is a one piece drive type designed for use in drywall, gypsum for light to medium duty loads. It has a sharp point that can pierce the wall, and there is no need to pre-drilling. The flat head can be fixed horizontally with the surface of base material. Legs wallboard anchors leave a small slit in the wallboard when it is removed, it doesn’t affect the appearance of the wall. 

Chipboard screw diameter
NF 4030
NF 4036
  • Low cost, quick install, efficient
  • No pre-drilling
  • No drill bit needed, only hammer in installation
  • One piece drive type anchor
  • Easy to remove without destroying the wall only leaves a little “slit”.
  • Installation in 12.5mm plasterboard: Allowable loads is higher than 10 kgf
  • Pipes
  • Lamps
  • Small wall-mounted shelves
  • Pictures
  • Rails
  • Skirtings


Building material

Wallboard, plasterboard, gas concrete, hollow gypsum and plasterboard 

How to install legs wallboard anchor

  1. Hammer anchor in the wall
  2. Stop when anchor is flush with the wall
  3. Place item over anchor and insert screw(3.5-4 chipboard screw)
  4. Tighten screw flush with item